It was reported earlier today that during filming for SBS' new race car driving show 'The Racer', TEEN TOP's Niel and swimmer Jung Da Rae got into an unexpected accident. The two got into an accident while racing, and the filming had to be temporarily stopped.

It was said that director Ryu Si Won and the other celebrities part of the show ran out onto the scene to check if the two were okay, and the two were taken to a hospital.

But for all the worried fans, T.O.P Media assured that the accident was a small one and that Niel is okay.

A representative told OSEN through a phone interview, "There was an accident during filming, but there weren't any big injuries. After filming, he continued on with the rest of schedule without strain. You can rest assured. There is always an ambulance on stand-by on set, and there is no problem with safety."

Race car driving always has its risks, so we hope the cast are even more careful in the future!