Sooyoung made a surprise appearance on SBS's 'Healing Camp' on September 28 to show her support for Yoon Do Hyun!  The two had previously emceed together on 'One Night of TV Entertainment.'

When she heard that the rumor mill stated she was put into 'One Night of TV Entertainment' as an MC by Yoon Do Hyun, she confirmed this was true.  Yoon Do Hyun explained, "Honestly, I did not know Sooyoung very well.  And then while I was DJ-ing on a radio, Girls' Generation came on the program.  The concept allowed for one member to DJ with me. At the time, Sooyoung did so with me, and she did well, but she also stated that her dream was to try being an MC.  I remembered her words and introduced Sooyoung to the production crew of 'One Night of TV Entertainment,' stating that she wanted to try being an MC and saying she had passion."

And she did a great job!