During the futsal (a modified form of soccer, played indoors) semi-final rounds for the 'Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC),' four teams, including Makchester United,GoaldaeseurigaFC Chungdam, and Realmakdribble, competed against one another to secure their place in the finals. 

In the first futsal round, Realmakdribble went up against FC Chungdam. Thanks toMYNAME Seyong's free kick, which was shot with lightning speed, Realmakdribble was able to move on to the futsal final rounds. FC Chungdam had relentlessly attacked Realmakdribble on the offense; however, ZE:A's Taeheon had deflected most of the oncoming kicks, aiding his team in advancing to the final match. 

For the other semi-final, VIXX's Leo and B2ST's Doojoon, who were part of Goaldaeseuriga, showcased fantastic teamwork against Makchester United, with Leo shooting a goal with his left foot in just 1 minute and 30 seconds into the match, and Doojoon making the second goal not long after. Makchester United was also able to gain one goal against Goaldaeseuriga, when 100%'s Changbum's chanced a well-timed kick into the opposing team's goal post. Unfortunately that wasn't enough and Goaldaeseuriga advanced.

The final between Realmakdribble and Goaldaeseuriga will air on the September 29 episode of 'ISAC'.