The boys of B1A4 will be taking on a new acting venture, this time as a complete group!
On October 5, B1A4's agency WM Entertainment revealed B1A4's participation in the upcoming music drama December's Gift. According to AllKpop, the drama is Korea's first 3-Dimensional, 360-degree virtual reality production. It follows the members of B1A4 grant a holiday gift to a high school student and that student's mother.
Recently, B1A4's youngest member Gongchan was announced for his first acting role as the star of Tasty Love an upcoming web drama. Interest in Gongchan is high since his fellow members have already established quite a name for themselves in the acting world.
The members of B1A4 are no strangers to the acting world individually. B1A4's leader Jinyoung has impressed fans for his performance in the dramas She Is Wow, Warm and Cozy, and Persevere, Goo Hae Ra. He has also earned a lot of praise for his work in movies like Miss Granny.
Member Baro also became a top idol-actor for his work. He earned attention from industry workers and fans alike during Replay 1994. He has starred inGod's Gift - 14 Days and Angry Mom since.
December's Gift will be the first time B1A4 takes on acting as a whole group. It will air as part of the "SBS Awards Festival" on Christmas day.