iKON - Rhythm Ta
After iKON fell under fire for lyrics allegedly dissing other idols, member Bobby (Kim Jiwon) stepped up to shed some light on the situation.
The lyrics in question come from iKON's debut track "Rhythm Ta," released on October 1. In the song, iKON confidently states, "We're not picky. About the time and place for instance. We're not pretentious. Idols are problems these days." Since iKON are YG Entertainment's latest male idol group, many were quick to criticize them for their hypocrisy in the lyrics.
On October 3, iKON held their debut concert and press conference at Seoul Olympic Park where Bobby was asked to an explanation for the lyrics. "I, myself, am an idol and iKON are idols," Bobby began according to a report by AllKpop, "I did diss many people but it wasn't necessarily a diss towards idols but my way of telling them 'Let's try our best together.' That way idol rappers won't be disregarded." He further explained how he wishes not to be ignored by his talented, older contemporaries (also known as "sunbae" in Korean) just for being an idol rapper.
This is not Bobby's first time being critiqued for lyrics and disses towards other idols. During his time competing on Show Me the Money 3 he experienced a similar controversy after dissing idol rappers in his song "Raise Your Guard and Bounce," claiming they lacked talent.
Still, regardless of the issue, iKON's debut EP Welcome Back has been met with much excitement, topping digital charts in Korea and abroad.