In a touching display of sisterly love, Girls' Generation member Tiffany published an encouraging message on Instagram for the upcoming solo debut of her band mate and group leader Taeyeon.
"As someone who shares the same passion and love for music, I couldn't be more proud and excited for my best friend. Congratulations on reaching a life long dream and cheers to new beginnings. All my love is for you!" said Tiffany on Oct. 4.
Tiffany attached a screenshot of Taeyeon's music video preview, which was uploaded on the SMTown YouTube account on the same day. The teaser showed a glimpse of the autumn nature concept that Taeyeon would be adopting for her solo debut music video.
Taeyeon will be dropping her first solo album, I, on October 7, reported to be a 6-track EP, through online channels. It will then be available to purchase in stores on October 8.
Fans gushed at the strong bond between the Tiffany and Taeyeon. Tiffany fans also vowed to help support Taeyeon's solo debut efforts.
"Tiffany + Taeyeon = Taeny is real," said one fan, referring to the combined nickname of the two idols.
"Friendship goals," "Omg you guys are so cute. I hope one day to have a friendship like that." "We will do everything for Taeyeon's album success, don't worry fany," said other fans.
Taeyeon will then follow up the solo album release with her first solo concert in later October.