Ji Yeon Lee, K-Pop Idol Early Retirement Due Considered Beautiful 2

KabarDunia.com - K-Pop world then and now was experiencing a lot of changes. Today already visibly if more and more new idols that keep popping up from various agencies both small and large agencies, as well as icons that come from YG or Red Velvet originating from SM Entertainment.
But if we go back try to look back, it turns out the way that must be taken in order to make its debut was not easy. It was trying expressed by one netizen to carry the name of the old K-pop singer, Lee Ji Yeon.
Lee Ji Yeon is a soloist who made ​​his debut on the range in the 1980s at the age of 18. It could be said also that Lee Ji Yeon in fact is one of the first generation idol before the presence of HOTThe first time he appeared in public, the young girl was immediately berasil get attention. Ji Yeon Lee finally getting famous especially because he is known for his smooth and youthful image that often it show.
Ji Yeon Lee, K-Pop Idol Early Retirement Due Considered Beautiful
On the other hand, the beauty of dazzling Lee Ji Yeon actually has earned a lot of haters and gossip italics. "Beauty and the young age Lee Ji Yeon when it appears present at an inconvenient time and the haters who was jealous began spreading rumors about Lee Ji Yeon, so he eventually had to retire early," wrote of the netizens as reported by the Koreaboo.
Now, Lee Ji Yeon itself has been around 48 years old and her beauty seemed still not faded. It turned out both past and present, the haters are also always accompany the career of a celebrity, albeit somewhat unfortunate because Lee Ji Yeon had to withdraw at that time.