Boorish at times and adorably sweet at others, LK (Elbert Kim) is a prime example of local rookie Korean-American rappers who caught our attention with the release of "The Warm Up" almost three years ago.

Though unsharpened, LK's passionate and confident mannerisms and flow is what caught the attention of the listeners, not to mention the boy has a puppy-like face that contrasts his overall style.

What surprised his consistently growing number of fans was when the rookie rapper suddenly went off the radar, resulting in a rather awkward stage for at least his music career. When asked about what he was doing at the time, LK answered nonchalantly, "Pretty much, I just worked.

What others might see this as a huge setback, LK took it as a time for him to develop as an artist and to "step on grounds that have not yet been stepped on." In accordance to his statement, the rookie rapper's recently released tracks seem to have matured exponentially, a clear sign that he is back with a more sophisticated sound to steal the hearts of listeners once again.

Featuring local rapper Goni, Alicia Renee, 'K-Pop Star' contestant Grace Shin, andMaskerade, LK released his latest mixtape 'Better Practice' just a month ago then followed up with a MV of one of his old tracks, "Promise." 

Currently, LK updates his YouTube page with a weekly recap, updating viewers on his progress in life and status on his music career.

Check out LK's latest MV of "Promise" above!