AOA held a fan meeting at the Sangmyung Art Center in Seoul on October 4, meeting their fans within Korea for the first time in three years! 

The fan meet, titled '2015 AOA Heart Attack,' kicked off with the group's debut song "Elvis," during which Youkyung made a surprise appearance, completing AOA's full 8-member line-up. 

The members then individually reminisced on the last three years of being active, all the way from 2012 up until the present. Things picked up and got more energetic once again when the girls performed all their hit singles, including "Mini Skirt," "Short Hair," "Like A Cat," and "Heart Attack." At the request of the fans for an encore stage, the group performed "Get Out," with Youkyung on the drums. 

AOA, moved by their fans' enthusiastic support and loyalty, couldn't help but tear up as the fan meeting progressed. They relayed their gratefulness and love with the words, "Since it was our first fan meet in three years, we're a bit nervous. We're thankful to all the fans who loved us from debut up until now. We'll try our best to make more special moments like this. We thank you and love you.

The group also plans to meet their fans overseas in Taiwan and Hong Kong this coming October 10 and 11.