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YG Entertainment founder and chief, Yang Hyun Suk, is showing interest in Block B's Zico.
During a press conference about the entertainment agency's newly debuted act, iKON, on Saturday, Oct. 3, Yang Hyun Suk addresse concerns over the rookie group's lyrics in their first single "Rhythm Ta," which many considered rude toward idol rappers.
Yang, however, clarified that there is no bias against such artists and used Block B rapper Zico (Woo Ji Ho) as an example.
"I watched ‘Show Me the Money’ and I got a second look at Zico," said Yang Hyun Suk, as reported by Soompi"We met up recently. I was really interested in him. So we talked a lot."
iKON rapper and Show Me the Money 3 winner Bobby (Kim Ji Won) also addressed the controversial lyrics clarifying that he also is an idol rapper and meant to suggest boy band rappers support one another to gain the respect they deserve in the industry.
On Saturday, Oct. 3, iKON held their debut concert titled Showtime at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena. Epik High and Jinusean attended the concert as special guests to show their label mates.