A year vacuum of the music industry, Yang Hyun Suk finally talk about girl group 2NE1. In a recent interview, Yang Hyun Suk spoke of the girl group the only one in the YG Entertainment.

Fan itself must have been longing for this one girl group, and already looking forward to their comeback. Moreover, previously there were rumors that 2NE1 will be dispersed, so that makes the fans so worried. But when asked, Yang Hyun Suk stated, "For now, we will only focus on the debut CL in America. If he can do well there, we will devise a plan for 2NE1. "" 2NE1 contract will expire next year, "he said briefly. Yang Hyun Suk statement about this 2NE1 only made ​​the fans more and more worried, because it seems he is not so keen to maintain 2NE1. Previous 2NE1 has several times been rumored to be dissolved, but YG Entertainment has denied the news