YG Entertainment debuts iKON

Less than a month since the group's debut, YG's newest boy group iKON is currently under fire as it reportedly disses other idol groups in their new song "Rhythm Ta".
iKON held its debut showcase on Oct. 3 and was previously teased with the release of two tracks from the group's half album. The two songs are "Airplane" and "Rhythm Ta" In the latter, netizens reacted that it includes disrespectful lyrics for saying that other idol groups are unlike them and tend to cause "problems," according to Kpop-centric website Soompi.

The lyrics say, "We're not picky. About the time and place for instance. We're not pretentious. Idols are problems these days."

Some netizens claimed that the group is "careless" for saying this to their "sunbaes" considering that they just debuted.

This is not the first that YG Entertainment is criticized for rude lyrics of its artists. iKON's Bobby was under fire during his stint in reality program "Show Me The Money 3". His lyrics for songs "Raise Your Guard" and "Bounce" dissed idol rappers who lack talent.
In the press conference during iKON's debut showcase, Bobby was asked about the lyrics and defended himself saying the disses he have thrown to other singers are encouragement.
All Kpop quoted Bobby saying, "I myself am an idol and iKON are also idols. I did diss many people but it wasn't necessarily a diss towards idols but my way of telling them, 'Let's try our best together.' That way idols rappers wouldn't be disregarded."

"It was my desire not to be ignored by talented sunbae's for being an idol," he quickly added.
iKON is currently promoting their new half album "Welcome Back" album this week and performed for the first time in SBS' Inkigayo on Oct. 4 to which the group won the weekly's top spot with their song "My Type". Watch the videos of their performances below.