'Persona 5' Social Links, Demons, Negotiation Confirmed By Gameplay Photo, Famitsu

Although "Persona 5" has been delayed, fans are receiving major updates on the gameplay of the Atlus sequel, including the iconic Social Link mechanic.
On Thursday, Famitsu released a partial interview regarding "Persona 5" that will be featured in the Weekly Famitsu magazine on Sept. 24. During the interview with game director Katsura Hashino teased the element of Social Links.
"In this game, you'll be able to go to various places around the Tokyo metropolitan area," said Hashino according to translations by Persona Central.
"You can walk around, interact with people in various facilities, and even meet up with other characters and improve your relations with others. There are also specific spots to visit in these events. And as you may have seen in the mini-game scenes of the new trailer, the main character is able to make self-improvement by doing specific activities."
Although some fans were worried that the Social Links mechanic has been taken out of "Persona 5," it appears there won't be a need to worry anymore.
In the revealing Famitsu interview, Hashino also revealed the name of the fifth mysterious "Persona 5" character-Yusuke Kitagawa.
"Our heroes shake up the big city as the 'Heart's Phantom Thieves,'" said Hashino. "They send notice in advance to persons to confess their crimes and reform, and set out to steal the 'rotten hearts' from 'rotten adults' in efforts to change a rotten world."
And if you're careful, a recent gameplay photo has important information regarding the mechanic of demon summoning and negotiations.
"While this isn't exactly negotiation, it's still pretty weird that the Personas are actually talking," commentedreddit user dualstrike98. "So while negotiations haven't actually been confirmed, they probably exist just because of that thing talking."